Monday, September 22, 2008

Can you take sick days to run a marathon?

Because running a marathon must mean you're sick in the head.

The tickets are bought à


Dec 4-8 for the Tucson Marathon.

Yikes! I am still terrified of the prospect of actually running a marathon. That still sounds perfectly awful. But seeing my friends and their kids again sounds perfectly awesome. I really like using these personal challenges as an excuse to travel to new places or as a deadline to visit with old friends. I am starting to plan my 10 year high school reunion and have thought how much fun it would be to do a 10year/10K fun run and maybe raise some money for my alma mater. This thought would never have even occurred to me 2 years ago.

And going to AZ from Seattle in December will be a very welcome change in scenery even if just for a few days.

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