Sunday, March 5, 2017

Female stuff

Tmi potential: high

Ok, I often feel like I never got the memo on how to do standard female rituals- hair, makeup, clothes, nails, skin, etc. And how others did regular menstruation was a mystery too.

So have I totally just missed the memo on how amazing a menstrual cup is?

Holy crap, it was awesome. My biggest female fail was I could never figure out how to sleep during my period without it looking like a stab victim was triaged in my bed by morning. It was so gross, disturbing and embarrassing. But I just had my period and only had to wash my sheets by choice!

It is so cool! I was super intimidated by it- size and firmness gave me some serious trepidation. But, I figured if I'm on the menstrual train for reals now I needed to try something new.

I hope next time I will spend les mental energy being amazed and thinking about it. And fewer bathroom trips just to check all is well. But overall I'm pretty stoked and unsure if I missed the memo or what.

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Kathy said...

I also feel like I missed the memo they pass out about: hair, makeup (for sure!), nails, and clothes. I discovered the Diva Cup sometime in the last decade, and it is LIFE CHANGING! I am only disappointed that I didn't discover it earlier. For someone with wildly erratic, pre-menopausal cycles, it is the best, best, best too! It definitely took a while to figure out, which it was worth the learning curve for sure. I have saved hundreds of dollars... and the planet? ;)

TitaniumSpork said...

The idea of those things always squicked me out. What happens if you have to dump that thing in a public restroom? I admit I only had heavy periods after having a baby and that was only for one insane day where I was changing an ultra size tampon every three hours or so. Nights always worked well with a huge tampon and huge pad on that day. Do irregular periods usually mean heavier ones?

Kathy said...

Nothin' to it, even in public places. ;) I just carry some kind of wipe (special parts friendly, of course) to clean it a bit... but I rarely need to do that during the day!