Sunday, October 30, 2016

Washington, you're doing it wrong

We went to the beach! Last weekend of October. You'll be SHOCKED to learn it was rainy.

M's dad rented us all an awesome base house with a killer ocean view. His family had been going here for many eons and it was cool to get to bring our kids with him. Sadly this weekend was the first available so we didn't exactly get to do it the sunny way.

But we tried!

The full day we were there it was a torrential downpour but we attempted the beach with hopes of a break. No such luck

It was pretty comical, the sand for sand castles was soaked and heavy.

Miranda was not buying it.

But we explored and did our best to enjoy the surroundings.

But the true value of the trip came from hanging out with M's family. We watched movies and colored and played Zingo.

Andrew slept in a twin bed for the first time which felt crazy.

I feel like Washingtonians are sadly under experiencing what a real beach weekend is. But they are cute for trying.

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