Monday, May 2, 2016

Werk, werk, werk


We made it out the door with everything we needed. 

These two were raring to go and get me and Andrew off. 

I got to work despite dire warnings from the local news. 

Only to find that my work computer didn't trust me anymore. 
I hadn't needed to worry about lunch since I still had freezer burned fixings from four months ago. 
Pumping was fine. I even remembered to bring a prefold to catch drips. 

Because I'm a Cracker Jack employee I left at 4:45 to avoid the continuation of carmeggedon. 

Michael and Miranda had already picked up Andrew. And the children were reunited. 

So it was all good. But, as I remember distinctly feeling after the first day of school, I can't believe we have to do it again tomorrow. 

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Kathy said...

My favorite parts of this post? The drool-y love picture at the very end and you remembering that you couldn't believe you had to do it all again after your first day of school. I have NEVER felt that way about school, so it never occurred to me that others might. HAaaa! I love it.

I hope you had a relatively smooth re-entry!