Thursday, March 10, 2016

Talking with two year olds #2

Talking with this guy is so hilarious. 
Scene opens this afternoon in his room getting him ready for a nap. 
2yo: grandma came in to check on me last time (referring to Valentine's Day when my mom babysat while we went to the movies)
A: yep, that was fun. 
2yo: but I cried -my eyes were red (he is paraphrasing Madeleine which he knows front to back and reverse by heart)
A: why buddy?
2yo: you and daddy went to the movies. 
A: yep, sometime mommy and daddy like to go together just the two of us. 
2yo: but I like you to just sit on the couch. 
A: oh ok, we don't need to hang with you we just can't be having fun without you.

(Again, didn't say the last one but it made me laugh)

First photo shoot for M. She wasn't her most smiley but they turned out cute. 

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Kathy said...

How is it possible that she looks so grown up in that first picture?!

I am loving these Toddler Talks... my favorite part is definitely the words that go unspoken. Hahaaa!!