Thursday, March 24, 2016

Second child complaints

I am filing this complaint on behalf of Miranda. I feel qualified to represent her in this issue as a second born child. 

1. It feels like every time she sits down to eat, Andrew needs something. Usually he  can be put off except for when he has a BM. BM always trumps nursing. 

2. Why does she get dragged all over the north 40? To preschool, to parks, to other kiddie places. She couldn't give a damn about the children's museum and yet she has been there basically as many times as she is weeks old. 

3. This is related to above, why does she need to be around so many germy, slimy kids? The whole point of taking an extended maternity leave was to avoid so much interaction with other kids. Fail!

Now, she will relent in her complaints when she reflects how much Andrew makes her laugh, how (even when she isn't interested) he is a toy valet and that, smothering as they may be, his kisses and hugs are worth the buy in. 

But damn I can empathize her pain having to stop eating so he can have his rear wiped. That's harsh. 


Alicia said...

awwww... poor thing. I will always side with the younger one too. I will take none of this silliness where people claim that the little one is spoiled. Youngins Unite!

Kathy said...

As a first born, I think Andrew's requests are perfectly reasonable. ;)