Friday, January 15, 2016

She loves me

I am pretty harsh on when I'll grant approval of milestones. For example, I wouldn't give Andrew credit for saying "dada" until he pointed at a wedding picture and picked out Michael saying dada. 

But I think Miranda is smiling for reals. At me. She loves me. I get in close and say "it's mama" and a majority of the time she'll give big smiles. 

It's especially heartwarming on days like today. I'm sort of sleepy, I cut my finger, I paid bills, I vacuumed but you probably still can't tell that I vacuumed, I put away a staggering amount of laundry. All sorts of boring adulthood made more fun by such sweet newborn adoration. 

Now I'm kicking back with my pink aloe socks I got from Judy with warm milk (well, for Miranda) and a leisurely bath (well, for Andrew). 

1 comment:

Alicia said...

That is an adorable little smile. Well done! You deserve to kick back with bath and milk for yourself one day too! When? Maybe you will have time in 18 years...