Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Oh the things you forget

Well, now I remember how tenuous sleep is for my pregnant self. It is 4:30am on Tuesday and I am groggily wide awake. It was precipitated by what I'm assuming to be a heat wake up ( it is 82 in his room, blech) by A but he got a drink and was back to sleep. Me? I'm on my second episode of house hunters (HH). 

Other things I forgot:
-how much more pregnant you feel like you look than you actually look. 
- how I scrutinize every gas bubble until there is for reals movement. 

I'm feeling pretty good these days. It is interesting to be a little surprised by pregnancy. Those first days I just thought I was entering another of our awful 2015 sick cycles. I was so tired and felt like death warmed over in the morning. Actually the morning of Andrew's stitches and the morning of our accident I was feeling like absolute shit- I wish I'd embraced the suckage and just stayed home. 

I'm glad that everyone at work knows now. They don't just think I've been perpetually hung over for the past couple months.

I thought I remembered the extreme, bone crushing fatigue but it turns out that can't be remembered clearly and has to reveal itself to you anew and with a vengeance. 

This also falls under forgotten things- I'm excited about the prospect of delivery this time. That was pretty cool. 

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