Saturday, June 20, 2015

Are you toddlering me? *

All of my totally true and justified gushing aside, let's be real. Andrew is a toddler. So while he is truly a delight he is still a touch crazy. 

He is currently working on throwing himself down. I think he sucks at it. Picture Amy March in the Liz Taylor version of Little Women when she dramatically faints during the girls' skit. He gently lowers himself to the ground and then lays there like he is taking a nap. 

Michael thinks he's practicing Dr. King type passive resistance. 

He has toddler OCD. He often will have a very particular method for lining up his cup and bowl during meals. He often turns into a deranged person if he is served something whole and it gets cut in front of him. The book stacking. 

He seems to have somewhat disordered eating. He will be a voracious hungry bear one day, not able to get enough, and the next he will nibble like a bird. 

He has unfounded trust issues especially around food. Even if Michael and I have identical plates to his he will insist that we share with him as though either ours is subtly better or we might eat it all without there being enough for him. 

He is a strange and wonderful- emphasis varys but usually the wonderful side far outweighs. 
Everyday as we walk out from daycare he checks to see if there are bugs under this brick. Once we found roly polys- but alas never again. 

* the dad on Blackish was accused of toddlering by his wife. It cracked us up. 


Titanium Spork said...

Is he practicing his flops so he can be a pro-soccer player someday?

Weird is wonderful. Glad he has some fun quirks.

Kathy said...

Toddlers are hilarious. My favorite, favorite age is 2 1/2 - 4. It just gets better. :)