Monday, January 19, 2015

I am a Hater

I’ll start this week off with this nugget. I am SO SICK of Seahawks mania. And I know, this makes me a total hater. This problem is multifaceted.
1. I do not understand sports spectating. I enjoy watching some sports. I do. I love a gymnastics meet (maybe not a JV one). But I completely don’t understand the transmutation that sports fans undergo where they feel like they went from being a completely uninvolved spectator to an actual team member. When I watch sports I admire the athlete but I would never say, did you see how WE nailed that triple Lutz? It irks me, probably more than it should but it is further exacerbated by Seattle’s 12th Man. The whole premise of this is based on the idea that sitting on my ass eating Doritos makes me part of the team.

2. It makes me feel like an outsider and homesick and sort of displaced. I’m not sure why, as you see above, I didn’t root-root-root for my home team either. But there is something about all of this hoopla that worries me that I will never be at home here. I don’t know how to feel at home. Is it something I need to force myself into or work my way towards or is it supposed to just happen at some point?

I felt like a complete moron chanting –HAWKS at my Zumba class. I will try not to be a complete hater but it may take being visited by ghosts of Games Past (maybe HS days when I was so sopping in school spirit that I left a trail behind me) and Games Future (I imagine there will be sports of some sort that my baby or some of the Niblings will partake in) to get me to get the spirit in my heart.

All that being said, we tuned in to the game at 4th quarter yesterday and, hater or not, that was some exciting stuff. I am still laughing at the people who bought $500 tickets and left before the end of 4Q. What do you bet they made a pact in the car to never tell ANYONE they left early?

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