Thursday, January 1, 2015

Few words week

I had the BEST week ever. It was exactly what I needed/wanted and the only improvement (bar one instance of being neglectful of my aunt) would have been a few more days.

Playing in the rain

Christmas Eve


Our best day of geocaching ever in issaquah.

More presents (I think this is when it all clicked for him and he was all over his new toys)


First haircut

Looking sharp

Day trip to portland and a visit to the first cache.

Dinner date

Andrew had a sleepover at grandmas while we had a project day at home.

Happy new year 2015!

New Years fancy dinner

Baby visits (and their parents)

Not pictured:
Cousin bonding
100th geocache for team Drives with Eagles.
Insane asylum (aka Indoor play center) in Portland.
Volunteering at Open Kitchen.
Lazy time in pjs.

I am so so so grateful for this week. I won't say it has me eager and ready for the year and its routine to start again. But it has me so appreciative of the life I have and ready to work hard to keep making it a reality.

Happy New Years!

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Kathy said...

Oh my goodness, what even is that rain get-up?! It is so PNW! Babies in zip-up rain bags... That picture made my day. :)