Sunday, August 17, 2014

Eating for Two Again

(Provocative title FTW!)

I knew this issue would be coming. Even around other people’s
children I have always struggled with it. I eat their leftovers.

The problem is twofold. Children’s food is fun, tasty and
usually pretty non-perishable (like, it still is tasty after a child has given
up on it). The other issue is that children are extremely wasteful. Or adults
can’t target the right serving size for the ever changing and fickle appetites
of toddlers.

I could usually hold myself together with other people’s
children. I would think, hey, if they are going to let delicious chicken strips
go to waste, more power to them. But when I babysat for them, heck yeah I’d
snag their discarded French fries (side note: kids won’t even finish French fries…they
are so strange). With my own child I see myself having less restraint. Usually
what we feed him isn’t interesting, since he eats what we eat. But I will find
myself just eating the last bits of his salmon or whatever if he is done rather
than scrapping it. Things have gotten more exciting lately too since he eats
goldfish crackers and nilla wafers and the like. I usually have a strict no fun
snack food policy because I have little self-control. But we bought some for
his birthday party and oh man, I am ridiculous.

I need to get myself in check before we get to kid’s meals days.
Because kids meals are awesome. Or maybe I just order myself a side salad and
wait for Andrew to get bored of his adorable delectable meal.

Here he is at the kiddie table at starchy’s baby BBQ. I
guess his strategy is just to keep his food away from me.

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