Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Sometimes life is just more bearable with grumpy goggles on

Haha! That Speedy is freaking hilarious.


I have been wearing my grumpy goggles too much lately. In order to redirect my energy I will write here about my lovely run last night.

We moved to a new location at work and I have an awesome view. It looks out onto The Puget Sound, railroad tracks, and a mysterious running trail that we hadn't been able to find the beginning of. Last night I headed out determined to find it.

I ran along the railroad tracks for almost 7minutes before I saw where it lets you onto the trail. You have to go through the Olympic Sculpture Park and over the RR tracks to get onto the trail!

It was nice, I ran for 1hr. I forgot my Garmin and had to go based on time. The run was scenic, and cathartic and just what I needed.


Sadly, even by the time I got home I wasn't a joy to be around. Sorry about that sweetie. Good news, you're still pretty great through grumpy goggles.



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