Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Self-esteem of the Rich and Esteemed

I just read this article about Oprah's most recent weight gain and it makes me so sad and somewhat upset and somewhat relieved.

Whether or not you drink the Oprah Kool-Aid you have to admit she is pretty BAD ASS. She is a powerful and influential woman who drives her own agenda and has used her success to better the lives of others. But even she feels ashamed of herself and uncomfortable with her body. Even for her, what historically/biologically, is a basic need for all living things, food is a demon. If Oprah were my friend I know I would be so sad that she let her body image cloud the amazing person she (appears) to be. I would be livid that something as simple as her weight made her feel ashamed even for a minute.

It upsets me that we've been pestering this poor woman about her weight for >20years and that some people almost revel in the fact that All-Powerful-Oprah can't get her weight under control. I hate how women treat each other and themselves. A firend and I discussed the other day how absolutely shocked we are that friends don't consider themselves beautiful yet, if you asked me about myself, I would NEVER describe myself that way either. It disgusts me that when insults fly one of the first and often most hurtful thing a woman gets called is FAT. How did that become a slur?

I'm relieved because it reminds me that weight is a struggle no matter who you are. I need to stop wishing that I could have a different body and remember all of the incredible things I can do with the one I already have. I guess it is also nice to know that we are all works in progress, even when someone looks completely polished.

So Oprah, my fellow marathoner (hehe), stop being so hard on yourself.

Disclaimer: I have never been an Oprah fan specifically, I've not ever seen The Color Purple, I don't reader her books and I've never been a regular Oprah Winfrey Show watcher.

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Sarah said...

Ayup. it just goes to show that you can have all the tools in the world at your disposal, but YOU have to do the work. I'm not a big Oprah watcher, but I am also not one of those who is laughing. I'm fighting my own demons with healthy eating and I totally get her frustration. I wish she could be empowered by all that is available to her.