Tuesday, December 23, 2008

08, you been great

2008 is well is winding up much faster than I thought it would. It has been a great year overall. I was introduced to a new sport (triathlon) which I have come to love, new friends (TNT and others) who I came to admire, and a new outlook on my life which I really have come to adopt.

I am still not sure what caused the temporary loss of sanity that allowed me to sign up for Team in Training in January but whatever it was I am SO GRATEFUL for it and hope that everyone has a moment where they err on the side of ridiculous and have it turn out for the better.

I would NEVER have thought I could train for a triathlon AND fundraise for a charity. It is just not my thing (for example I only got the lowest tier of prizes when we sold Girl Scout Cookies because I sold so few boxes). But the TEAM made it worth it for me to go outside my comfort zone and ask people to contribute. I learned enough about the LLS to feel really committed to the cause and I was SO proud of myself and my TEAM when I saw how much we money we rose. There is something about sweating with people at the crack of dawn on a Saturday that hastens relationships.

Running in 2007 made me feel accomplished but I still did hate running; triathlon made me feel accomplished but it was also FUN! I love that I got to swim again, I am ecstatic that I got back on a bike, and running has truly become a pleasure. I saw so much more of Seattle on my bike and learned that open water swimming (even in a lake) was fun.

Marathon training was a learning experience too. I think what I am the most proud f is not running the Tucson Marathon, it is devoting my Saturdays to running long distances, by myself, with no spectators or aid stations. Just me and my feet. Learning about how far I could go if I really tried.

I joke with friends that 27 is my year of yes. I want to keep myself open to new challenges and stepping outside of my comfort zone….it has taken me 27 years to realize that some of my greatest experiences have required pushing through boundaries.

8 from 2008:

  1. Signed up with Team in Training and my life hasn't been the same since.
  2. New job which has reminded me that I'm no slouch when it comes to my field of work
  3. Moving to Seattle which has let me try out the lifestyle I've always imagined for myself (I walk to work! Awesome!)
  4. My first triathlon which revealed a fascinating world that I've not even scratched the surface of
  5. Have fallen madly in love (with my iPhone…how'd I live without it before?)
  6. FINALLY voted for a winner in a presidential election!!!!
  7. Made a new friend who inspires me to have the courage to figure out what I want and take the necessary risks to make it happen
  8. I ran a freaking Marathon

Were there let downs in 08? You betcha. Could I have done more? Sure. Worked harder? Absolutely. (hehe, this sounds like Don Rumsfield (Sec. of Defense `01-`06)) But I have certainly gotten to the place where I can appreciate the highlights and take the low points as areas that need work.

I can't believe this year's almost over…bring on `09




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