Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Tri’ing to see the world

I have been looking at races on I am Tri (I know….working hard or hardly working?) and am stricken by the amazing places some them are held. I have always wanted to see the world I just had no idea I wanted to do it with my bike.

I want to do a Tri in Australia! And one in Thailand and Austria and at Disney World (hehe). It just seems like such a good marriage of hobbies.

I find in my adult life I am having a hard time justifying travel; there never seems to be enough time or money or a good enough reason. I find myself traveling only for work or to a wedding here and there. Even my one big European adventure was constrained by the Thanksgiving break my students had. At least with event travelling I can feel like I have earned the trip by training hard for it.

Now, how to finance this?


I read this somewhere:

Normal Person: So you do triathlons?

Triathlete: Yes

Normal Person: What are you best at?

Triathlete: Spending money.

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