Sunday, July 20, 2008

The first post is as awkward as the first race

Am I stupid for doing this? What is everyone going to think? Am I using the appropriate etiquette?

These were some of the questions that were running through my head as I set up my transition area for my first tri (a local sprint) and are the questions I have about blogging. I decided to write my own new triathlete blog mainly for myself. I want a place to put down my training accomplishments and observations.

So, I will catch this blog up on where I am in all of this:
Jan 2007- decided to start running despite NEVER having been a runner and being near my highest weight (never was much for the scale but I have a guess as to what I weighed)

Mar 2007- Ran my first 5K, well walked a bit but still pretty pleased (39:08)

May 2007- 2nd 5K, ran the whole thing! (35:00ish)
July 2007- 1st 10K, Swedish SummeRun
Sep 2007- 2nd 10K (1:09:25)
Oct 2007- 3rd 10K, SO FUN! With Heather and Luca and Emily doing the 5K, (1:06:23)

Dec 1, 2007...Half Marathon with Speedy Angela T! It was such a great experience and I got to experience it with some great old friends. (2:25:38)

January 2008- decide to check out Team in Training meeting to get help training for a full marathon but instead am enticed by the idea of triathlons

Feb-June 2008- Training with the most awesome group of folks I could imagine for a great cause

June 2008- My first triathlons
Issaquah Sprint:
Swim 00:07:54.4 T1 00:02:07.7 Bike 00:55:44.3 T2 00:01:04.2 Run 00:28:30.4 Finish 01:35:21.1

Lake Padden Competitive:
Swim 00:14:09.9 T1 00:01:31.6 Bike 01:18:19.0 T2 00:00:44.7 Run 01:00:41.9 Finish 02:35:27.1

Now, I am trying to figure out what the next step is. I love doing Tri's. I like the person I become when I am training for them.

I hope this blog will be another tool to use for my improvement and documentation of the journey.

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