Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Hello Mudda,

This weekend I left my family and went to sleep away ymca camp. 

With my sister and two oldest nephews. It was a family camp and our first time scoping it out. 

I designed us matching shirts. The best acronym I could come up with from our initials was HALM (also, happily, age order). So I went the over used Churchill quote route.  

With our initial on the back to clarify 

They were a hit. With the nephs and other campers. One mom said "you had those made just for this." To which I thought "I have a silhouette, I'll making matching shirts for anything."

Camp was fun. We did all the classic things. Archery, boating, walks on the sound looking at tide pools. 

There was a campfire each night with silly songs and skits. S'mores one night. 

We spent our free time playing badminton. And evenings we played games in our cabin. 

The food was pretty decent and plentiful. 

The only downside to my experience was that the brothers in our cabin (my nephews) fought like dogs. They are often at each other's throats but maybe we were hoping that this new shared experience would lead to camaraderie. Not so much. 

I would definitely go again. It would be perfect for a pre-built family reunion or friends (with kids-adults were slightly second class citizens, only getting to do the big activities after the children and time permitting) retreat. 

It was good to have the time with the big boys and big sis. I did get homesick though. 

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