Sunday, March 15, 2015

The best non-baby related purchase we got for the baby that improved our lives outside the baby

One of Andrew's earliest talents was his ability to find debris on the floor.

He would/still does constantly bring us fuzz or lint or who knows what off the floor. But vacuuming SUCKS. And we hated lugging out the big vacuum.

Finally Michael pulled the trigger on this purchase.

A cordless Dyson. And it has changed our lives!

It works awesome and is too easy not to use. It sits on a charging base and we just grab it and go.

We used to do ok on vacuuming our hardwood and were pitiful about carpet. Now we see the gunk that we left on the hardwood (thanks bag less vacuums) and all the grime we were ignoring in the carpets.

A bonus is that Andrew is obsessed with vacuuming and encourages at least daily rounds.

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