Friday, December 12, 2014

Tofu win!

I have a long history with tofu. It always goes the same way. I buy tofu with high hopes and good intentions. And then it sits and sits. Then I get to the point that it is bugging me taking up space in my fridge. Then it sits a little more. Then I toss it.

This pattern has repeated many times over the years with many brands and firmness levels of tofu. Sometimes I'll press it and it will sit that way.

I was in the end stages of this cycle the other day when I had an idea.

Give it to andrew!

I gave him the whole block and let him go at it.

He liked squishing it, crumbling it up and putting it back in the container.

It obviously devolved into throwing it on the floor but it was a good time while it lasted! And honestly was the most well used block I've ever bought.

So I will stick to eating it in restaurants but now maybe the random block I but will be put to slightly better use.

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