Friday, March 7, 2014


It sounds a little too much like I'm a doomsday-ist but, thanks to my time as a Red Cross volunteer, I really think it is important to have an emergency kit at home. Now, I am lazy and cheap and forgetful so they haven't always been the most thorough but I've always had at least a small one.

Michael and I got this one as a wedding gift (we registered for it and our only Mormon guests gifted it).

This is pretty damn basic but at least it was something.

When Andrew was born I realized we needed to bump up our game and put together a kit for him.

This was an interesting mental exercise. A baby's physical needs change so amazingly fast. How do you put together a kit that will meet basic baby needs but have it last for a while so that you don't need to keep updating it (cause you won't).

What I came up with is not terribly thorough, takes up a lot of space and is still missing things I think are essential but I actually think it is kinda cool.

We kept our back pack and added a change of pants for Michael and me, an emergency whistle, a few day supply of baby food, a change for Andrew (way too big now but would work in a pinch and hopefully won't be necessary ever). I also threw in a little cat food cause we had it and I thought Michael would be happy to see that.

A few days supply of too big now diapers, wipes, a gallon of baby water, a kids sleeping bag, sundry toiletries, matches and an extra pair of eyeglasses for me.

This could use a lot of things like cash, more water, probably more food but I'm happy to have some semblance of a kit that includes my baby. May it all go to donation because it isn't necessary.

Everything fit into a storage bin and lives near an exit.

Hope all my readers have some sort of kit somewhere they can locate.

This is the end of my PSA Friday.

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