Monday, February 10, 2014

Two month check in

It has been two months since I went back to work and a full month since the whole family started the daycare/work commute. And so far, so good.

Baby boy is thriving. He is fun and active and figuring out more and more new things every day.

I am less homicidal at work and have gotten to a much better place about my current situation. It is time to work on next steps now.

Michael, while I can't speak for him, is definitely enjoying our new life with our little guy. We have a good routine in the mornings which have so far not been stressful.

We still do need to figure out when and how to fit in other priorities and regain momentum for our personal passions and priorities.

I can't remember being sick as much as I have the last few months and, while it'd make more sense to blame this on daycare, it has been going on since before he started intermingling with other children. I honestly feel like it is because of breast feeding. Like maybe since my body is busy providing nutrients in the milk it doesn't leave enough for me to be tip top. And probably trying to lose weight and start running in addition to that exacerbates the problem. Writing that makes me realize that it is on me then to focus on getting the nutrition and rest I need. And try to be chill about the weight loss part (although it feels so slow and hard and bums me out).

It is amazing that this is just normal life now.

Barrage of funny baby pictures:

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Kathy said...

I can't imagine how hard it must be to find time for yourself, your health, and your priorities/passions with a new little guy in your life at the same time... one who is literally feeding off you!!

Hang in there!

P.S. I love, love, love all his hats!!