Sunday, July 15, 2012

Crafty Aunty Win

My birthday present for my baby niece’s first birthday turned out so cute I had to share.

I was looking at knob puzzles as a potential birthday present when I came across this one:
Fruit Basket Large Jumbo Knob
And I had an idea! A personalized puzzle. So I bought this puzzle and a shape puzzle, with the idea that I’d make an immediate family puzzle and an extended family one.

My sister’s family is four kids plus a mom and dad. For the immediate family one I chose pictures of each of them (being a little silly) and set to work.

The only fruit that I assigned specifically was the banana. Other than that I just tried to match the shape with the frame of the snapshot I’d chosen.

I used the puzzle piece as a stencil and cut out the image into the appropriate shape.

Then it was time to secure the pictures. I was using spray glue but found it was really messy and unwieldy. After messing up a couple of pics, I figured out that if I put a small tape loop on the front of the image and secured it to a piece of scrap cardboard, less glue got on the front of the image AND I could hold the tape, rather than the picture itself, when placing it into the puzzle frame.  

I think it turned out so cute and I will be doing this again for other babies in my life. I think it is a great gift for a one year old (since they don’t really have their hearts set on anything specific and generally don’t care).
Finally, I wrote on the front (in my chicken scratch Sad smile)
Odessa’s Family Is Bananas on the banana which was the family picture.

Some of the images are from the construction of the extended family puzzle but the final product is the fruit basket immediate family.


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