Thursday, January 19, 2012

Snowed in= Forced vacation day

What to do?

It has been a good day so far.

I watched the havoc that snow/ice were causing my neighbors and I on TV for a while this morning.

Then I got busy.

While M worked hard


I cleaned out the spice cabinet


and cleaned/inventoried the pantry.


Then I finished my first sewing project with some of the awesome-ly awful fabric my mom got me as practice @ $1/yd (Disney channel Pop Rock Glam pattern was my first attempt.)


I was attempting to recreate this apron that I pinned:

Easy apron tutorial

It was pretty disastrous and full of corner cutting and fudging. But here is my end result.



The waistband and bottom I used some polka dot flannel I had left over from my Christmas scarves. I think flannel may have been too advanced for me to work with. Even trying to be EXTREMELY careful not to stretch the fabric I got all sorts of buckles. Ah well, this was my practice piece and I like it. I don’t actually know how to get better at sewing on my own though. I need to find a class and get some basic instruction. A friend who is a very talented seamstress also offered her services so I will have to take her up on that!

Then I took a minute to set up my new Eye-fi SD card. A long while back I read an article(ad?) about a memory card that talks to your computer and transfers your pics automatically by WiFi. This was right up my alley sine I can be terrible about transferring pics in a timely fashion. This hinders blogging too Smile. Way back then when I looked them up the were WAY expensive so I promptly forgot about them. Then last week I was at Fred Meyer and saw it on their clearance table for $22 (4G memory) so I grabbed it. So far I am VERY impressed. I took all of the pics above around the house and when I came back to my machine they were all loaded. It also can upload directly to Flickr or to Facebook if you’re inclined. There are so many people in my life who would love this (and frankly, need this), if there wasn’t a foot of snow on the ground I’d zip over to Freddy’s for the rest of the stock they have! I am so totally wireless now too! M got me wireless headphones for my phone…maybe since I am so badass I’ll set those up now too.

Once this was all set up (did take a few tweaks to get our WiFi to accept it), M braved the elements to clear the front porch.


While I whipped up some meringues 



But I forgot to wear my new apron.


The rest of the day ought to involve some more cleaning, a run (I am on week 3 of Hal’s Intermediate Half M Training), making a new recipe for dinner, and hanging with my sweetie watching TV.

I don’t love that I now have one fewer vacation day but having a day like today was kinda good for my soul.


Michael said...

The meringues (pre-baked) look like little snowballs. Very weather appropriate.

Alicia said...

Awesome! I am very happy that you got snowed in, because the result warmed my heart all the way over here in NH!!! WTG on the blogging, but sadly, M is beating you in post frequency!